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Soul Suspiration

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  Notes from Joyce...

Table of Contents

From Joyce, the songwriter and lyricist, comes a 90-page volume of original sheet music (piano and vocals) -- a spiral bound collection containing her favorite songs written over a span of 50 years.

Also included are special arrangements of a Negro spiritual and much beloved hymn.


Then Sings My Soul
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  1. I Woke Up This Morning with My Mind
  2. In the Garden
  3. My Tribute
  4. Soon I Will Be Done
  5. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  6. He Never Said a Mumbling Word
  7. His Eye Is on the Sparrow
  8. This Little Light of Mine
  9. Come Sunday
  10. Ave Maria
  11. How Great Thou Art
  12. Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand
  13. Walk With Me
  14. Near the Cross
  15. Amazing Grace
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  1. Teach Me Tonight
  2. My New Day
  3. God Bless the Child
  4. My Funny Valentine
  5. Sweet Little Angel
  6. I Love Being Here With You
  7. That's All
  8. Just a Little Blue
  9. Cry me a River
  10. How Great Thou Art
  11. All Blues
  12. Don't Go to Strangers
  13. Stormy Monday
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  1. I've Got the World on a String
  2. It Had To Be You
  3. Just a Little Blue
  4. Making Whoopee
  5. Skylark
  6. Let The Good Times Roll
  7. All Blues
  8. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
  9. Lord Don't Move My Mountain
  10. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  11. Here's to Life
  12. Stormy Monday
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  1. Introduction
  2. Almost Like Being in Love
  3. Triste
  4. Georgia on my Mind
  5. Forget Me
  6. I Wanna Be Loved
  7. Time After Time
  8. Don't Explain
  9. This Can't Be Love
  10. Sophisticated Lady
  11. Fly Me to the Moon
  12. Come Sunday
  13. Our Love Is Here to Stay
  14. Stormy Monday
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Exuberant joy reigned at the Sainte Claire that day! Oh what a time was had by all!! Joy unabridged, mirth unbridled, and cares and woes cast to the wind!

This CD is an afterthought, for it was never intended to be a release, only a recording of the day's events for my personal reflection. As friends and cronies listened to it, all encouraged me to make it a commercial release. When I talked about editing out my verbal ramblings in between selections, the cry was, "Oh, no! The words add flavor and insight into who YOU are." So, here 'tis--me singing, me laughing at myself and with the world, audience wildly effusive in its applause and love, and musicians playing music that dreams are made of.

-- Joyce Randolph


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  1. Just a Little Blue
  2. Time After Time
  3. The La Verne Walk
  4. What a Difference a Day Makes
  5. Fine and Mellow
  6. Old Folks
  7. Solitude
  8. Night and Day
  9. Sophisticated Lady
  10. O.P.
  11. If I Should Lose You
  12. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
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A classic, old-fashioned voice full of emotion and style. Her supple voice ranges from sexy and warm to pain-filled and sweeping. Bill Bell on piano and Jeff Chambers on bass take turns providing sophisticated, unexpectedly modern accompaniment that bridges styles and decades. She also gives the guys a couple of tracks on their own, which is cool.

  1. Sweet, smoky ballad with subtle piano and lots of style.
  2. Relaxed vocal, cool bass solo, honey-smooth.
  3. Midtempo, lightly swinging piano/bass duet, the guys get to shine.
  4. Downtempo ballad w/bass adding a contemporary twist.
  5. Slow & sultry Billie Holiday blues. Hot...
  6. Slow and gorgeous, vocals & piano.
  7. Downtempo vocals & bass, w/long bass solo.
  8. Down/midtempo Cole Porter chestnut, cool vox/bass duet.
  9. Slow w/lush piano an old-fashioned, late night sound.
  10. Mid/upbeat piano & bass duet w/a lightly swinging feel.
  11. Slow blues w/bass playing the heartstrings & vocals moaning.
  12. Piano/vocals on a slow gospel hymn.
-- Lisa Dornell (Decca), KZSU fm Stanford University, Stanford, CA
(April 9, 2009)

"...Light the candles and fill the glasses, snuggle up to your main squeeze, relax and enjoy a very intimate offering by Joyce Randolph accompanied by the 'Jazz Professor' Bill Bell on piano and the masterful Jeff Chambers on bass. That's what I did and will want to do over and over again."

-- Haybert King Houston, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Jazz Now Interactive (October 2004)

"This is an album of duets and trios, sparse in outlay but rich in content; the opening track "Just a Little Blue" is the only one written by Joyce and is a duet with pianist Bill Bell. Like all the tracks, there is a noticeable sense of spatial freedom and Joyce sings it with an emotive touch steeped in poignancy."

-- Ferdinand Maylin, Scotland Editor, Jazz Now Magazine
(March 2005)


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  1. Plain and Simple
  2. Afraid of Love
  3. So Glad I've Known You
  4. Teach Me Tonight
  5. Gone, But for the Leaving
  6. You'll Know Who I am When I'm Gone
  7. I Send Him Roses
  8. Sweet Thang
  9. Just a Little Blue
  10. He Sings to Me With His Eyes
  11. My New Day
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"I Send Him Roses", her debut album of 1995 showcases Joyce's exemplary skills not only as a vocalist, but as both a lyricist and composer as she writes both lyrics and music for nine of the CD's twelve tracks: "Plain and Simple," "So Glad I've Known You," "Gone, But for the Leaving," "You'll Know Who I Am When I'm Gone," "I Send Him Roses," "Sweet Thang", "Just a Little Blue," "He Sings to Me with His Eyes," and "My New Day."

The First Days Of School: How To Be An Effective Teacher

  Joyce is featured in performance of her song "My New Day" on the final DVD of this in a series by Harry Wong.

Selling over 2.3 million copies, this has become the best-selling book in education ever.

Songs written by Joyce and recorded by Glide Memorial Church

  "Love to Give"...a live recording in which Joyce wrote the Track #7 song entitled "Hush and Be Still". The Glide Ensemble is directed by John Turk, producer of Joyce's first album "I Send Him Roses."

"The Sounds of Hope"...another live recording in which Joyce wrote the 2 songs...Track #10 entitled "To the Glory of My God I'll Forever Sing"...and "My New Day" on Track #15.

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