"You'd better believe that Joyce Randolph can belt a 'Stormy Monday' blues or melt your heart with 'Sophisticated Lady.' Don't miss her return. She is one of the South Bay's treasures."

-- Richard Scheinin Mercury News, Oct 9, 2011

"Audiences love her. It's the church connection, her gospel approach—a free-spirit approach. Not a lot of vocal gymnastics. It's just singing from the heart."

-- Jeff Chambers Mercury News, Oct 9, 2011

"She's a gem,' says Bill Bell, her pianist. 'I was on the road years ago with Carmen McRae. I've worked with Joe Williams, Anita O'Day, all the best ones, and Joyce—she's right up there. She holds her own. And she sings with a message. She doesn't just sing the lyrics—she sings with the message behind the lyrics."

-- Bill Bell Mercury News, Oct 9, 2011

"If you love to swing, then you will love listening to Joyce sing. Duke Ellington said, 'Some things are beyond category.' Joyce Randolph is indeed, beyond category. Now let's dance!"

-- Afrikahn Jahmal Day'vs KKUP, KPFA, Jazz Beat Radio

"Why you're not featured on the cover of every jazz mag I dunno.But if more heard you, the soccer mom's would finally stop pretending to be aspiring jazz singers and sending dreadful CD's that only become coffee coasters. Yours is just WONDERFUL. You are what a jazz singer should sound like. I'm a legitimate fan over here."

-- Dan Karcher WBGO 88.3 fm, Jazz88 FM-The World's Premier Jazz Radio Station, NYC and NJ (June 2009)

(Re: Joyce's CD "Just a Little Blue")

"A classic, old-fashioned voice full of emotion and style. Her supple voice ranges from sexy and warm to pain-filled and sweeping. Bill Bell on piano and Jeff Chambers on bass take turns providing sophisticated, unexpectedly modern accompaniment that bridges styles and decades. She also gives the guys a couple of tracks on their own, which is cool.

  1. Sweet, smoky ballad with subtle piano and lots of style.
  2. Relaxed vocal, cool bass solo, honey-smooth.
  3. Midtempo, lightly swinging piano/bass duet, the guys get to shine.
  4. Downtempo ballad w/bass adding a contemporary twist.
  5. Slow & sultry Billie Holiday blues. Hot...
  6. Slow and gorgeous, vocals & piano.
  7. Downtempo vocals & bass, w/long bass solo.
  8. Down/midtempo Cole Porter chestnut, cool vox/bass duet.
  9. Slow w/lush piano an old-fashioned, late night sound.
  10. Mid/upbeat piano & bass duet w/a lightly swinging feel.
  11. Slow blues w/bass playing the heartstrings & vocals moaning.
  12. Piano/vocals on a slow gospel hymn."
-- Lisa Dornell (Decca), KZSU fm Stanford University, Stanford, CA (April 9, 2009)

(Re: Joyce's performance at the Inaugural viewing at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose.)

"But the most heartfelt moment came when Joyce Randolph, a jazz vocalist and retired San Jose teacher, came onstage and led a hand-holding crowd in a soulful rendition of "America the Beautiful." Aretha Franklin doesn't have anything on Randolph."

-- Sal Pizarro, San Jose Mercury News (January 20, 2009)

"Joyce gave an outstanding performance at the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Chefs Dinner on March 16, 2008. Her voice has the ability to capture the essence of Jazz, Gospel and the Blues. Her warm personality and smooth style of singing keeps the audience captivated…..she is truly a remarkable performer. "

-- Edward Clausell, Host, UNCF Chefs Event (March 16, 2008)

(Re: Joyce Randolph, February 8, 2006 "Music at Noon Performance")

"It was a beautiful performance...it is a rare voice, indeed, that has the kaleidoscope of color, dynamic range and both bold and subtle nuance of phrase to captivate an audience for a full program with a single bass as accompaniment. Truly - a gorgeous, remarkable performance."

-- Robert Bozina, Professor of Music, Santa Clara Univeristy
Director of SCU Music at Noon Series" (February 9, 2006)

"As gifted as she is gracious, Joyce Randolph's a cappella rendition of the National Anthem prior to the National Hockey League's San Jose Sharks game on November 19, 2005 was simply wonderful."

-- Ayron Sequeira, Event Presentation Coordinator
Silicon Valley Sports and Entertainment
HP Pavillion, San Jose, CA (December 7, 2005)

"Joyce is one of the most authentic jazz vocalists that I've had the pleasure to know. Her blues and gospel influence is obviously firsthand and she combines this with a big, well-trained voice."

-- Steve Saperstein, Stanford Magazine (Nov/Dec 2005)

"Joyce Randolph, a soulful South Bay vocalist backed by a superlative rhythm section."

-- Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chroncle (November 4, 2005)

"This record is a big exception. Joyce is the REAL DEAL!!! I hope the record gets the exposure it deserves. Jazz singing at its best-no gimmicks."

-- Joe Moore, Music Director, KFSR Fresno (October 2005)

"When I listen to Joyce Randolph, I find myself connecting with the great jazz voices of the past. So simple, yet so profound."

-- Renee Williams, Music Director, WCLK Atlanta (September 2005)

"Joyce Randolph Quintet, a beautiful singer with a sterling band."

-- Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News (August 28, 2005)

"People sink back into their chairs and relax when Joyce enters the stage. She has a presence that says, 'OK, I'm here. All is well with the world.' ...and we believe her."

-- Bev Cotton, Producer, "Hands-Up" Worship Arts Festival (May 2005)

"Jazz at Noon at the Recital Hall at Santa Clara University reached new heights this past week with a dazzling performance from Joyce Randolph. Joyce Randolph and Jeff Chambers, her creative and talented bassist, performed a soulful and sophisticated set of jazz love songs. Combining technical virtuosity with a deeply passionate, heartfelt delivery. Joyce Randolph's vocal performance was exceptional...an invigorating musical experience."

-- Michael Axelman, KSCU, Santa Clara 103.3 FM (May 2005)

"Last time she played the Hyatt Sainte Claire, vocalist Joyce Randolph knocked 'em dead. She's back for an encore. Randolph, a Stanford grad and former English teacher at Santa Teresa High School, blends blues and jazz."

-- San Jose Mercury News (April 2005)

"Joyce Randolph truly brought the house down here at the Sainte Claire. It was a mesmerizing experience to feel such emotional energy from her voice. The entire room sat silent awaiting upon each note, as the world stood still outside during her performance."

-- Patricia Morreale, General Manager, Hyatt Sainte Claire
San Jose Mercury News (November 18, 2004)

"Joyce combines the best of blues and jazz. She has a wonderful stage presence, warm and friendly. She's lived; she sings the truth."

-- Steve Saperstein, General Director San Jose Jazz Society
San Jose Mercury News (November 11, 2004)

"Nine years ago when I profiled Santa Teresa High School English teacher Joyce Randolph in these pages, she was just realizing her dream: to sing professionally and to record a CD. That's why it was such a pleasure to see her again Sunday, dazzling a standing-room-only crowd at the Hyatt Sainte Claire in support of her second CD, ``Just a Little Blue.'' If anything, Randolph's jazzy/bluesy vocals are even stronger than those on that first recording, ``I Send Him Roses.'' And, as she advised her audience (and still advises her students), don't let a day pass without doing something to realize your dream. Advice always is better when it has been lived."

-- Leigh Weimers, San Jose Mercury News (October 20, 2004)

"Light the candles and fill the glasses, snuggle up to your main squeeze, relax and enjoy a very intimate offering by Joyce Randolph accompanied by the "Jazz Professor" Bill Bell on piano and the masterful Jeff Chambers on bass. That's what I did and will want to do over and over again."

-- Haybert King Houston, , Publisher/Editor in Chief
Jazz Now Interactive (October 2004)

"Joyce Randolph is an undeniably gifted jazz artist. In her voice clearly dwells the collective spirit of such classic vocalists as Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughan. Joyce doesn't simply sing a song; she transforms each song into a poignant musical drama. SEE, HEAR, and BE MOVED by the vocal genius of Joyce Randolph. Undoubtedly, Joyce IS the evolution of the blues."

-- Afrikahn J. Dayvs KKUP FM Radio (October 2004)

"Joyce sings with distinction...nurturing her words with Holiday-like enunciation and Horn-ish lure."

-- Pete Fallico, "Doodlin' Lounge
Downbeat KUSP 88.9FM, KCSM 91.1FM (October 2004)

"Joyce performed at our national conference alongside one of our educational keynote presenters, to an audience of around 5,000. She also performed at our opening reception to approximately 2,000 educators, who loved her performance. Joyce is a very talented performer with an excellent stage presence. Not only that, her bright personality shines through and into her uplifting music."

-- Kim J. Langille, National Events Supervisor
Renaissance Learning, Inc, San Antonio, TX (March 19, 2002)

"Mrs. Randolph's performance (Kimball's East, Emeryville, CA) with world class guitarist Calvin Keys Quartet was quintessential. She clearly continues the lineage of L'il Esther Phillips, Dinah Washington, and Sarah Vaughan, and has added her own special, sincere style. It was a night to remember."

-- Haybert King Houston, Jazz Now Magazine (October 2000)

"Joyce Randolph's musical arrival is meteoric and that of a finely honed recording artist and stylist."

-- Leigh Weimers, San Jose Mercury News (1995)

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